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To Whom it May Concern.

On Tuesday June 26th I was shopping in your store on Taft Street in Hollywood FL. and I saw a toy truck that a small child could drive. I was told that they did not know whether it was working or not because it had no power cord. It was battery powered and so I called my husband and asked if we should buy it for our grandson. The price was $30.00. I asked the store manager Emily TWICE if the item could be returned if it didn't work and she said Yes, no problem. That we had 7 days to return it. Also that if questioned about the return we should ask for her.

The truck was missing the charger cord for the battery but I thought that would be ok, i could probably find one on EBay for very little money. So we took it home and found that the floor was broken out of it, probably by big kids standing in it. This is a toy made for a 2 or 3 year old child. When we got it home my husband tried to charge the battery and he found that it would not hold a charge. So with no charger cord, a useless battery and the dangerous broken floor this piece was nothing more than junk. The cord and battery could be replaced but the broken plastic floor could not be repaired and would be dangerous for a child since thing moves at 3.5 mph (when working.)

So.. we took it back to the store and Emily was not there. When I said that I would like my money back I was told that no refunds were given, only store credits.

Now.. AT NO TIME before I purchased this truck was I told that I could only return it for store credit. My husband and I live on Social Security, so if we had been told that we could not get our money refunded we would NOT have taken the chance on a broken (and dangerous) toy.

The girl at the register called Emily on the phone and she confirmed to me that the policy was not to give refunds but only store credit. She also tried to tell me that she did in fact tell me that the item would only be returned for store credit. I put a stop to that line of defense immediately. She said that she would call her supervisor whose name I wrote down but cannot find at this moment, and find out if there was anything that she could do. I believe she said his name was Sinclaire.

Emily called me back about 10 minutes later, We left as my husband and I had to attend a meeting so couldn't wait for the final decision we left the broken truck in the store as it was too big to keep dragging around.

Anyway, when she called back she told me that her supervisor said no refund.

So it's just tough luck for my husband and I who had been tricked out of $30. by a place that we thought had a good reputation. Now we know better. Say anything to get the customer to leave their money in the store.

While I'm at it I'll mention something else. In the middle of the store stands a chest of drawers. When I asked Emily how much it was she said that it wasn't for sale, that it was a "merchandising piece" She went on to say that if she told me how much her supervisor told her to charge for it that I wouldn't want to buy it anyway. I don't know how she knew that. because she would not tell me what that number was. SO is the piece a merchandising piece or was it just so expensive that Emily deemed that I would not want to buy it? Is this any way to operate honestly? Is this how little you think of your good name?

I have accepted that we will not get our $30 back so you must accept that this experience has besmirched your good name. Shame on you.


Mrs. Joan Bueter

Hollywood, FL 33024

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I have to work 2 part time jobs with no benefits to gross $1,000 a month and pay taxes.


Well if you and your husband are living off social security and that is all you live off, maybe you shouldn't have spent that much on a toy for a grandchild.My own kids never had that expensive toys, and when I was married we had a good income.

I Don't feel real sorry for people that say the only income they have is social security. I am living off social security too, and even drawing off my ex-husbands, combined with mine I am only drawing half of what he does.

I know people that are drawing over $1,000 a month just for one person.Heck, my "ex" draws well over that and he has a pension too, plus he is still working almost full time.

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